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Worldwide sales of Australian Rocks, Fossils, Gems, Minerals, Metaphysical, Crystals,

Custom Jewellery from Mount Isa.

Po Box 1597, Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia.              Ph  0427796099    emails preferred

Established 2000 


This is a site owned and operated by Ken Stockdale of Cloncurry, where you may purchase rare

 Queensland rocks and minerals from all around the Cloncurry/Mount Isa area.
Along with polished rocks, natural minerals, and cutting materials from other locations around Australia.

We have now combined our two websites into one huge site. With the Metaphysical stones still being from only

Australian sources, (mainly our own prospecting). You can often find smaller if not more interesting samples in

the Metaphysical pages similar to what is on the Mineral pages of this site.

If you come across a broken link, or a picture that is not working, please send me an email so that I can fix it.

Thank you. 

We run a small a  business and treat our customers with the utmost respect and discretion.

We are not in this business to be rich.

We simply love minerals and rocks and like to see others enjoy them also.

Our retail shop in Mount Isa is now closed and we are now online only.

If you live in Mount Isa and wish to purchase an item off the website we will deliver it personally free of freight charges.

We no longer sell items on eBay Australia and never will again.

You can still check my prior feedback as eBay user (stone02004)


A warning to those who intend to visit us at our minesite unannounced

when the gate is locked.

We do have security dogs on the loose and we treat all trespassers as looters.






All prices on this site are in Australian Dollars.

Contact me at email  only

there is no reliable mobile phone service on site.



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