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We supply in Melbourne with inlay chip stones from Mount Isa.

Contacts-   Emails. 

                          Phone.      Home   +61 0747438030

                     Mobile      0427796099 

I guarantee the location of all of my materials as I find or source them myself. Mineral data sites may have the same listed in a different area as they have limited  options available for locality listing.

For example a mineral may be falsely listed as the Mary Kathleen District when there is no such District. The correct description would be Cloncurry Shire.

For convenience and because of such errors, we describe it as Cloncurry/Mount Isa areas, but often describe one or the other depending on which one it may be closer to.

I do give more details to people who purchase our specimens if required.





New Finds


A new find of Jasper with some Pyrite from Kings Cross mine, Cloncurry, Queensland.

  photo 002.jpg





We have discovered a new find of Red and Blue Corundum's on Rosebud Station, Cloncurry, at a totally new location.

  Blue and red Corrundum. Rosebud Station, Cloncurry, Queensland.l photo IMGP0358_edited-2_zpscf589243.jpg      Corundum. Rosebud Station, Cloncurry, Queensland. photo IMGP0363_edited-1_zpsb2ee4cd3.jpg      Corundum. Cloncurry, Queensland. photo IMGP0366_edited-1_zps9c8ecd3a.jpg      Corundum. Cloncurry, Queensland photo IMGP0370_edited-1_zps301e34ab.jpg      Blue Corundum showing fortification photo IMGP0513_edited-1_zpsb875c046.jpg





We have also discovered this new find of Rutile crystals in the Blockade mine area, Cloncurry.

 photo IMGP1290_edited-2.jpg        photo IMGP1306.jpg     





A new find of Black Tourmaline sprays on Quartz often with Rutile crystals growing on the Tourmaline as above


  photo IMGP1294_edited-1.jpg       photo IMGP1295-2.jpg       photo IMGP1311.jpg







  photo IMGP1317.jpg       photo IMGP1315.jpg

A new find of Garnet. Variety as yet unknown from the Corella area, Cloncurry







A new find of Magnetite crystals from the Corella area


  photo IMGP1313.jpg      Magnetite xl. Rosebud Station, Cloncurry, Qld photo IMGP0461_edited-1_zps259a723c.jpg





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